We Strictly Convert barren land into Agricultural Farm

System Based Investment Protocol
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Foreign Investment

Customer Problem:

  • Overseas investors are scouting for simple but innovative investment options but they are limited
  • In fact an option which is commercially attractive as well as working for humanity is a rare combination
  • Further Polyhouse based ‘Floriculture’ and ‘Horticulture’ has been in vague for its global demand and less dependency on weather and soil yield

Proposed Solution:

Brain Chamber Distance Farming (BCDF) gives an opportunity to an overseas investor to indirectly grow flowers (Poly House with Orchid, Gerbera, Rose etc.) at a particular location in India; systematically managed by experts from planting, maintaining, cutting, dispatching till realization of money and immediate distribution of earning in proportion to agreed terms with investors.

No matter where you are; Brain Chamber Team is systematically managing on your behalf a Poly House and sharing returns with you.

Salient Features:

  • We welcome foreign investment in distance farming; in fact we encourage investment by NRIs and PIOs for this initiative which has both commercial as well as national interests;
  • let us reiterate that "At Brainchamber will never have fertile land for poly house instead we prefer only infertile land from farmer on lease so as to extend him monthly lease income and convert an infertile piece of land into paradise for all stakeholders"
  • There is 41 million Ha ( 13% of total geographical area) of barren land available in India; so huge scope to convert it into useful one

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